Equi-Pro® Vehicle Theft Deterrent Program

Blue Acura Integra

Vehicle Theft Happens Every Day

Each year, 1 in 160 vehicle owners will become a victim of auto theft. While there’s no 100% foolproof plan to keep your vehicle from being stolen, you might be surprised to learn about some simple and cost-effective options for deterring car thieves.

One method involves permanently marking major areas of your vehicle with traceable identification numbers. This makes it much harder to resell or chop up a stolen car.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

When you opt for the Equi-Pro® Theft Deterrent Program, your vehicle gets two layers of protection:

  • A proven theft deterrent device that’s highly regarded by many law enforcement agencies as the most effective means of deterring car theft
  • Valuable financial assistance if your car is stolen

Recover from Vehicle Theft

If you’ve had your vehicle stolen, the Equi-Pro® Theft Deterrent Program provides:

  • Vehicle Protection Expenses: In the event that your vehicle is declared a Total Loss, you will receive reimbursement for resulting expenses that are the result of the theft. These include your insurance deductible, temporary car rental costs, and expenses for your replacement vehicle.
  • Dealer Replacement Benefits: In the event that your vehicle is declared a Total Loss, the program will pay the down payment of your replacement vehicle directly to your dealer.
  • Partial Loss Benefits: In the event that your vehicle is declared a Partial Loss, you will receive reimbursement for theft-related expenses up to $1,000.

How the Equi-Pro® Theft Deterrent Program Works

  1. You and your vehicle will be assigned an identification number.
  2. This identification number will either be engraved onto each glass window of your vehicle or affixed to the body panels of the vehicle with super adhesive stickers.
  3. Warning decal stickers will be attached to both the driver and passenger side windows to alert potential thieves that your vehicle has been protected with a theft deterrent device.
  4. Finally, your name along with your identification number will be entered into a computerized vehicle system.

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