First Acura Electric SUV Arrives in 2024

October 19th, 2022

Acura ZDX EV Logo

Acura’s goal of exclusively selling electrified vehicles within the next few decades is well within reach. In 2024, Acura will introduce its first all-electric SUV to its luxury-minded customers. The 2024 Acura ZDX will be offered in both the United States and Canada, and it will be accompanied by the high-performance ZDX Type S. What can you expect from this exciting model?

The design of the ZDX is loosely based on the Precision EV Concept. A platform in collaboration with GM will initially support it. However, by 2026, the ZDX will use an e:Architecture platform. While some aspects of its design have not been publicized, the ZDX is expected to have a muscular, long hood with arrow-like LED headlights and a low-sitting, angled roof. It will be supported by chrome molding, and pinwheel-style wheels will add to its stunning look.

Inside, you can appreciate more than 100 cubic feet of space. A futuristic dashboard will dress up this model with a curving, compact instrumentation screen. It will also come with a high-end sound system, 5G wireless, smart device connectivity, a digital key, and one-pedal driving.

The exact specs for the ZDX and the ZDX Type S are unavailable. However, all-wheel, rear-wheel, and front-wheel drive options are all expected. Several battery packs will also be offered, with an expected range of approximately 300 miles. Uniquely, the ZDX will recycle heat produced by the electronics and battery pack through a heat pump. This may facilitate cabin climate control and optimized battery performance.

Our Muller’s Woodfield Acura team is happy to keep you informed as more details about the ZDX are released. To get current details, contact our sales office today.

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