Car Trade-In Values

Looking for a fast way to find out the trade-in value of your used car? Our car trade-in value tool leverages the local market value of cars sold in our area to provide the most accurate, top-dollar trade-in values to our customers. Getting your car’s blue book value is as easy as a typing in a few details and in minutes you will get a qualified quote for trading in your old car. Finding out what your old car is worth in just a few minutes.

Trading in your old car is done in three easy steps.

1.) Get a Trade-In Value Quote

Using an online tool or over-the-phone, we can provide an estimate for your old car’s trade-in value. This compares regional sales data for the specific make and model, depending on the condition of the trade-in vehicle. Online, it just takes a few minutes to lookup the car’s blue book trade-in value.

2.) Inspecting the Trade-In and Getting a Trade-In Offer

An inspection is required to confirm the condition of the car being traded-in. Once an inspection is completed our dealership team will provide a trade-in offer that you may consider to sell your car to us.

3.)Finalize Selling Your Old Car

Finally, we come to an agreement to either sell or trade-in your vehicle. Purchasing a vehicle from us is not a requirement, but there are often incentives to improve the value of a trade-in if you buy or lease an Acura. We buy all sorts of cars from most makes and models. Please feel free to call us to discuss your trade-in options.

Thank you!